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Freebies: Services (Applicable only for Manpower of Eight (8) & above)


MAMCO Core Values

  •    Faith in God

  •    Professional Commitment

  •    Service Excellence

  •    Ever-Learning

  •    Customer Satisfaction

  •    Honesty & Integrity

  •    Loyalty



A. Carpet/Upholstery/Divider Cleaning and Shampooing

Fabric Sofa/ Chairs, divider and Carpeted floors/ walls.

A deep cleaning process and shampooing, removing, stains and embedded dirt, and dust and malodor underneath fabric and carpet, using extraction machine “Ambassador” Minuteman USA.

This includes Office trained Labor and supplies such as shampoo, stain remover and other cleaning supplies needed for the job.

Carpet Extractor and shampoo machine, Vacuum cleaner, Blower/ dryer, Spray and Polisher with carpet brush.

B. Augmentation/Back Up of Manpower (Please inform our Office, 2 (two) days, before the event).

Augmentation/back up of manpower during Company Anniversaries, Christmas Party, etc.

C. General Pest Control. (Once every three months or as needed)

Pest Control on flying and crawling insects with the use of Fertilizer and Pest Authority (FPA) approved and registered products. (Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request) FREE: Labor and spray chemicals to be used.

D. Liquid Hand Soap

Ready to use for tip up dispenser.