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Freebies: Services (Applicable only for Manpower of Eight (8) & above)


MAMCO Core Values

  •    Faith in God

  •    Professional Commitment

  •    Service Excellence

  •    Ever-Learning

  •    Customer Satisfaction

  •    Honesty & Integrity

  •    Loyalty


Ultra-Sheen A non-buffable emulsion wax for vinyl, rubber and resilient floors.
Ultra-Buff A buffable emulsion for vinyl, rubber and other resilient floors.
Ultra-Wax (Liquid) A buffable liquid solvent wax for wood, cement & other non-rubber based floors. Colors: (red, yellow & white)
Ultra-Wax (Paste) A buffable paste wax for wood, cement, and other non-rubber based floors. Colors: (red, yellow & white)
Ultra-Wax (Special Liquid) A buffable special liquid solvent wax for wood, cement & non-rubber
Ultra-Wax (SPECIAL PASTE) A buffable special solvent paste wax for wood, cement, & non-rubber based floors. Colors: (red, yellow, white & colorless)
Ultra-Sol All-Purpose cleaner for any type of floors, walls, panellings, and other washable surface.
Ultra-Strip A heavy duty wax stripper/degreaser intended for removing stubborn grease and old wax on any surface/s.
Ultra-Foam A heavy duty dry foam carpet and upholstery shampoo/cleaner, scented.
Ultra-Lite A glass and mirror cleaner/polish, scented.
Ultra-Shine A lemon scented furniture cleaner/polish for wood, metal, upholstery, ceramics, marbles, and porcelein.
Spray N' Buff A spray buffing solution for vinyl maintenance upholstery, ceramics, marbles, and porcelein.
Ultra-Cote An acrylic sealer/coating.
Ultra-Shield A concrete sealer.
Muriatic Acid Technical grade.
Declogger A heavy duty liquid drain opener for clogged pipes, drainage, sink, lavatory, etc.
Sudz A scented industrial and household all-purpose detergent Packaging: (1 bag/10kilos)
Klenz A fine powder cleanser for stubborn dirt and stains finely scented.
Stoneshine A powerful Marble Crystallizer.
Stoneshine Liq. A liquid Marble Crystallizer.
Ultra-fleur A liquid air freshener (mint, orange, lavander, floral, jasmine)
Ultra-care A liquid hand soap, scented.
Ultra-pine A liquid disinfectant / cleaner.
Ultra-check A toilet bowl and tile cleaner, scented. (mint, fruity gum, etc).
Ultra-chlor A bleach/all-purpose cleaner.
Ultra-rem A powerful stain remover.
Ultra-grem A powerful gum remover.
Flora A scented deodorant cake for urinals, assorted scents.
Home-S-Home An effective fabric softener in assorted scents.
An effective liquid laundry detergent.
An effective dishwashing liquid.
An effective dishwashing paste.
A concentrated car shampoo, scented.
An effective tire black.
Aircon Cleaner An acid base aircon cleaner.
An alkaline base aircon cleaner.
Descaler Descaler
Degreaser Water emulsifiable degreaser.
Radiator Cleaner Radiator coolant & conditioner.
Radiator Coolant Radiator coolant & conditioner.
Contact Cleaner  
Penetrating Oil  
Belt Dressing  
Insulating Varnish Insulating varnish - clear
Insulating Varnish Insulating varnish - red
Silicon Lubricant  
Tire Black