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Is a spin off of Mansion Maintenance Products that started in 1984, in the business of Trading and Marketing of Janitorial Supplies, Equipment and Cleaning Products, conceptualizes the idea of producing cleaning products which are good quality, economical and effective. In the light of this, a marketing strategy was made and training seminars on products application, proper handling and maintenance use, were conducted for free, to our costumers such as: resellers, end users, including Janitorial Services Companies. As customers’ demands keep rising the idea of welding said products with one-time contracts services, such as, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Marble Crystallization, Office and House Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Façade and Building Cleaning, Vinyl Installation, Cleaning and Waxing, Wax Less Flooring System become an addition to our line of business.
It is with this expertise and resources that in 2001 Mansion Maintenance Co., Inc. was organized, and envisioned to be a total maintenance company, conceptualizing the addition of Janitorial Services and Manpower Services Contracting, using our own cleaning products. In retrospect, Mansion Maintenance Co., Inc has become a constant choice for its satisfactory products and services and takes its progressive stance towards developing and improving quality cleaning system that brings out efficiency and professionalism through effective training of housekeeping technique and morally sound people management, moving towards implementing a quality service management with a commitment to give the best return of clients investment in mind. A Company, EVER INNOVATIVE with a mindset and a vision geared towards building a culture of quality management service and thus, making each and every venue a showcase of excellence at par with global standard.